The South African Association of Audiologists (SAAA) is an interest group originally formed by South African Audiologists in private practice, but since 2002, SAAA also represents and is supported by South African Audiologists employed in all fraternities.

The aim and purpose of SAAA is to develop and promote AUDIOLOGY to the public, medical and educational fraternities and other related healthcare professions. In the quest to promote audiology and in striving towards professional service excellence, SAAA actively liaises with statutory institutions e.g. HPCSA, medical aids, related professional associations / bodies etc.

In addition, SAAA works towards continuing the academic and professional development of its members. SAAA is the one organisation in South Africa that represents all Audiologists and our profession of Audiology. This is therefore why SAAA needs you, and you need it:


In an association whose main goal is to promote our profession as an independent identity. Your input, ideas, help and time regarding topics and issues that influence our profession and livelihood is always valuable, encouraged and welcomed.


Our membership currently consists of 200 members, which includes audiologists in private practice, universities, schools, hospitals and hearing aid companies. If we all stand together and increase our membership numbers, it will increase our negotiation power with the Council of Medical Schemes and Medical Aids regarding our fee structure and tariff recommendations. Without these structures in place, our profession cannot exist.


Your membership fees allow us to better plan for marketing opportunities. If the public are fully aware of who we are, what we do, and where to go for help, it will increase our ability to supply services to the hearing impaired and indirectly increase our income.


SAAA wants to educate the public as to our role on hearing, hearing protection and conservation, and hearing loss/impairment. We have a toll-free number which allows the public to conveniently and effortlessly gain information regarding our profession and our members.

SAAA aims to

Create public awareness of the condition of hearing loss and the stigma associated with it, and associated conditions such as tinnitus and vertigo.

  • Inform the public about assessment, remediation, and counselling services that are available for these conditions.
  • Provide information on how to access audiological services.
  • Educate the public regarding hearing protection and hearing conservation. (Particularly important in our modern world of cell phones, iPods, and noisy industrial mechanisation).
  • Promote informed awareness in the general public about the role and scope of an Audiologist.