What is an audiologist?

Audiology can be described as a paramedical profession which is concerned with all types of auditory impairments and their relationship to of communication disorders. Audiologists tend to be involved in the identification, assessment, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and management of disorders of peripheral or central auditory impairments (hearing loss/impairment, balance system disorders or dysfunction, tinnitus and other neural systems.

How do audiologists support their patients?

Audiologists are also involved in the hearing conservation or the prevention of hearing loss, through auditory training, counselling, guidance and the provision and fitting of hearing protective devises such as noise plugs.

How do I become an audiologist?

An audiologist is a professionally trained university graduate who has successfully completed at least four years of intensive academic and clinical training. In order for an Audiologist to practice in South Africa it is necessary to be registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

What do audiologists do?

Audiologists are trained to identify and evaluate the range, nature and degree of hearing or hearing loss in babies, children and adults. They are further involved in the provision of audiological (aural) habilitation and rehabilitation to both children and adults, and are trained and capable with regard to planning, conducting, directing and participating in the management of persons with hearing loss, whether it be referral for medical management, or the selection, fitting and provision of suitable hearing amplification systems such as hearing instruments and other assisting listening devices to both children and adults.

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